Hi all…

Welcome to Simply Conscientious! I’m Lauren and I’m really tickled that you’ve stopped by… Simply Conscientious has been a long time coming as I tend to be the kind of person who likes to know exactly what they are doing and that they are not going to fail at it before they even start. So it took me a few baby steps before I even got to this point. And it still feels like a huge risk. Eeek. 

So if you’re still in it with me after that stunning endorsement, here’s a little bit about myself… I’m a stay-at-home mother of four, ages 16, 14, 12, and 9. I just love being a parent to them, but I definitely get the feeling that parenting will become less and less a part of who I am over the next decade. They are right at the start of discovering themselves and taking on the responsibility of being in control of themselves more and more…and so the other parts of who am I are becoming more important. I have a lot of athlete in me. Not so much the pick-up-any-piece-of-sporting-equipment-and-be-good-at-it type of athlete, but more the love-of-moving-and-getting-stronger type of athlete. Long distance trail running is my true love, in addition to mountain biking, dance, yoga, and pilates, but an arthritic hip has had me waylaid for the past year. After a long year of physical therapy and surgery, I am now working on reinventing my athletic self and figure out what kind of athlete I will look like moving forward. In addition to being active, I put a lot of focus on health, and I love reading about and experimenting with nutrition, meditation, mental perspective, and simple living. I can’t imagine each one of these topics won’t show up as blog posts in the future…

 As for the blog itself, here is my very first post that gives a short, but sweet introduction to it. The blog is definitely going to be organic, shaping and reshaping as I figure out its true form… a little bit like it’s writer!

Cheers! -Lauren


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